A fan sent Matisse Thybulle personalized Nike Black Lives Matter shoes


Philadelphia 76ers rookie Matisse Thybulle is among NBA players who have used his platform to help raise awareness of social injustices around the world and in the United States.

Thybulle wore ‘Vote’ on the back of his jersey as the season restarted in a bid to help fans get to the polls this year in the United States. He was inspired to wear “Vote” on his jersey because of his father, who grew up in Haiti under a dictatorship.

Additionally, Thybulle participated in several peaceful protests in Philadelphia over the summer to condemn police brutality and racism following the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless others. Thybulle was seen holding a sign encouraging citizens to vote during the protests.

Recently, Thybulle revealed on his YouTube series that a fan sent him a pair of Nike Paul George shoes customized with Black Lives Matter, #SayHerName and a silhouette of Taylor. Thybulle wore the shoes designed by Ryan Levine for a few matches.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Thybulle loved Levine’s shoes and gesture.

Really the reason I wanted to start this channel was to create a platform for myself where I thought my voice would be heard but more importantly a platform where I could uplift others voice and the voices of others. I think it’s an awesome start and I’m happy to be able to be part of your journey and impact just as much as you can be part of mine.

The NBA and NBPA have agreed in principle that the goal of restarting the season would be to find tangible and lasting ways to address racial inequality across the country. Players wore personalized shirt messages and used their media availabilities to help raise awareness of social issues.

Additionally, the NBA Board of Governors recently announced that it will provide $300 million in seed funding to create the first-ever NBA Foundation dedicated to creating greater economic empowerment in the Black community.


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