Foot Locker opens new digital-focused store with Nike app integration


Footwear retailer Foot Locker Inc. has partnered with Nike Inc. to offer more app-based digital services at one of its stores.

Foot Locker opened its new 9,000 square foot “Power Store” in New York City last week. Shoppers who are members of Nike’s free NikePlus loyalty program and have the Nike app on their smartphone can use the in-store features of the app, called Nike App at Retail, at this Foot Locker location. When a shopper enters the store, the Nike app detects the shopper’s location and switches to Nike App at Retail mode, which offers store-specific functionality.

“When [Nike] the members cross the door, they are immediately recognized. And with their app, they can scan products, discover the features and benefits of shoes or clothes,” explains Anne Hebert, Nike’s vice president of global sales.

The Nike Retail app allows a shopper at this Foot Locker location and select Nike stores (in Portland, Santa Monica, California, Los Angeles, and New York) to scan barcodes with their smartphone to learn about products, check in-store inventory, and book online and collect from Nike lockers at the Foot Locker store.

According to a Nike spokeswoman, only Nike products are available for in-store online pickup.

Neither Foot Locker nor Nike would disclose the terms of their partnership in this deal. However, “partnerships are critical to our growth strategy and Foot Locker has been a key Nike partner for over four decades,” the spokesperson explained. “What makes this event special is that it is the first time that NikePlus membership services and experiences have been available at a multi-brand partner store through the Nike retail app.”

The Foot Locker location also offers the Nike Unlock Box, a vending machine that a NikePlus member unlocks by scanning their QR code to receive a free new product from a vending machine, such as a pair of Nike socks. Shoppers can unlock new items every 14 days. However, Nike’s instant checkout feature, which allows a shopper to complete their purchase from their mobile device via the Nike app, is only available at select Nike stores and not the Foot Locker store, the door said. -word of Nike.

In addition, the Foot Locker store also offers a Nike “ShoeCase”, which allows Nike members to have early access to shoe releases. Nike members scan their membership card and enter a real-time raffle to win the opportunity to purchase a premium pair of sneakers.

Nike’s ShoeCase at the Foot Locker store in New York.

Foot Locker plans to open other digital-focused stores, but the retailer did not specify a time frame or location. Currently, the sports equipment retailer operates approximately 3,200 stores in 27 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Nike’s robust mobile shopping app launched more than two years ago and accounts for “well over” 50% of Nike’s online revenue, Nike said in its second-quarter 2019 earnings report. app encourages shoppers to join the NikePlus loyalty program, which gives them access to benefits like discounts, personalized recommendations and exclusive product offers. These benefits are available online and in the app.

Foot Locker is No. 61 in the Internet Retailer 2019 Top 1000. Nike is No. 34.



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