LeBron James makes viral video to promote Nike


The 2022-23 NBA season will be historic for many reasons, most of which have to do with LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers forward is expected to overtake another Lakers great, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as the all-time leader.

Additionally, Nike and James have just released the Nike LeBron 20. Fans and sneakerheads alike can expect plenty of pomp and circumstance to celebrate the two major milestones for arguably the greatest basketball player of all time.

Yesterday, the 37-year-old posted a hilarious promo for his new kicks that harkens back to the early days of viral videos. Check out James’ Instagram post below.

Of course, several thoughts come to mind after watching the video. The first has to be the late great Kobe Bryant’s 2008 viral video where he apparently jumped over a high-speed Aston Martin to promote the Nike Hyperdunk.

Plus, this isn’t the first time James has had fun in the sun to promote Nike. Back in 2006, James had hilarious commercials where he played multiple versions of himself poolside. There’s no denying James’ innate sense of humor.

Nike LeBron 20 “Time Machine”

View of the Nike LeBron 20 in the “Time Machine” colorway.

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The Nike LeBron 20 was released in the “Time Machine” colorway (pictured above) on September 29, 2022. The shoes sold out quickly, but don’t worry as several more colorways are expected to release over the next year.

Even better, the “Violet Frost” colorway James wore in the Instagram video is set to restock next week. Fans interested in picking up the shoes can expect to pay $200 on Nike’s website.

For the vast majority of people, $200 is a lot of money. However, James’ 20th signature sneaker with Nike is not only historic, but also a performance beast on the pitch. Fans read the official tech specs for the low model here.

What do you think of James’ new video? Let us know on Twitter if this stands up to previous Nike promotions. As always, stay locked in FanNationKicks.com for all your sneaker news.

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