Lou Williams shares story of Kobe taking on Nike shoes


In light of Kobe Bryant’s death in Sunday’s helicopter crash in California, the sports world was shocked. Kobe was among nine victims of the fatal accident, which also claimed the life of his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna.

But in the days following the accident, some of Kobe’s former teammates began to reminisce about their time with the Lakers greats – offering those lighthearted moments to help with the grieving process. Well, let Lou Williams and Nick Young provide the story we all needed.

Young tweeted that Kobe was the first to check it out before and after his surgery. He remembered telling Kobe that he was going to tell everyone about the time Kobe threw his sneakers.

To this, Williams chimed in and shared more details about this story. Basically, the Lakers were blown away by the Trail Blazers, and Bryant took his teammates’ Nike Kobe sneakers — and threw them in the trash — because they were too “soft” to wear.

There was also this story after this loss of Portland (NSFW language).

If there was ever an anecdote that summed up Kobe’s competitive nature – even among his teammates – it’s probably this one.

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