NIKE app now uses augmented reality to scan and measure your feet with pinpoint accuracy


NIKE is updating its app with a new augmented reality tool that measures your feet with perfect precision. the feature, which uses your smartphone’s camera to scan your feet, collecting 13 data points mapping your foot morphology for both feet in seconds.

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the system used by the industry to determine shoe size is outdated“, explains’s not just the equipment – essentially a foot ruler with a measuring scale based on a grain of barleycorn – but the concept of sizing itself. length and width don’t provide enough data for a shoe to fit comfortably. sizing as we know it is a gross simplification of a complex problem.

NIKE Cup uses a proprietary combination of computer vision, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and recommendation algorithms. according to engagement report, it works by measuring the complete shape of each foot individually – size, shape and volume – with an accuracy of 2 millimeters. it then matches your measurements to the already known internal volume of each of its shoes, and to purchase data from people with similar sized feet.

NIKE app now uses AR to measure your feet with pinpoint accuracy

the feature will work when a customer opens the NIKE app, selects a shoe to purchase, and then instead of selecting a numeric size, is presented with the option to scan their feet. a scan can take less than 15 seconds before NIKE recommends a size for that particular shoe.

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NIKE was part of NIKE’s efforts to sell more products directly to consumers through its own stores, website and mobile app. it should also help save a lot on shipping if it actually helps consumers buy the right size. The update is expected to roll out to the NIKE app in July in the US, and the feature is expected to bring the feature to Europe in August.

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May 10, 2019


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