Nike’s app gave female sneakerheads a big W


For so long, the sneaker world has been a place for men. Not because there are no female sneakerheads – there is absolutely. They were just generally ignored.

But on Tuesday, when Nike offered exclusive access to the Off-White Air Jordan 4, the game was turned upside down. This time they were finally prioritized as they should be.

Some SNKRS app users were given early access to purchase the Off-White Jordan 4 ahead of its actual release date on Saturday. But only women on the SNKRS app had access.

The notification sent was titled “Women First” with an included message from Off-White designer Virgil Abloh.

Make them with women in mind so you can continue to take flight collectively,” Abloh said.

Yeah yeah. No matter. None of this really makes sense. But kudos to Virgil for watching over the ladies with this one.

Anyway, what followed was a bunch of Ws on the TL.

However, not everyone had access to it. For some people it was a bit the same. Another L

Oh yeah. This feeling is all too familiar. Not having these joints would be devastating. Look at them – they are gorgeous!

And they’re basically worth a stimulus check? You, please.

I feel your pain, ladies. Such is the life of a sneakerhead. You gain some, you lose some. Is it.

Either way, it’s great to see the ladies of the sneaker game getting the love they’ve deserved for so long. More of this, please.


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