The Nike app will use augmented reality to determine your shoe size


Do you know your shoe size? You might think so, but chances are you’re walking around in shoes that don’t fit you perfectly. Nike thinks it can change that with a new addition to its smartphone app that harnesses the power of augmented reality to perform a super-accurate analysis of your feet, matching you to the perfect size, based on the type of shoe you’re wearing. you buy. .

In a new blog post, Nike calls the current shoe sizing system “outdated”, calling it a “gross simplification of a complex problem”. That’s where Nike Fit, the new sizing feature, comes in.

Nike described Nike Fit as “a new scanning solution that uses a proprietary combination of computer vision, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and recommendation algorithms.”

It’s a whole bunch of flashy terms that don’t mean much to the average shoe shopper, but the bottom line is that the app will allow you to take a scan of your feet when you’re about to. buy a pair of kicks. Nike Fit will be an option alongside the traditional sizing list, but the company is obviously promoting it as the ideal way to get the perfect fit.

“Using your smartphone camera, Nike Fit will scan your feet, collecting 13 data points mapping your foot morphology for both feet within seconds,” Nike explains. “This hyper-accurate analysis of your unique foot dimension can then be stored in your NikePlus member profile and easily used for future online and in-store purchases.”

Your Nike Fit analysis will be stored and accessible by the app whenever it needs to guide you to your perfect new pair of shoes. Perhaps most interestingly, this new sizing system can actually change its size recommendation for you based on the type of shoe you buy.

Nike says “different shoes are made with different performance intentions,” which means you’ll probably want something like a running shoe to be a little tighter than the kind of everyday sneaker you wear in situations. relaxed. The app handles all of these decisions on the backend, and Nike seems pretty sure they know exactly how to set you up with the size you need.

The feature isn’t available yet, but it should be available in July in the US and August in Europe.


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