The Nike Pegasus Trail 4 Just Arrived On The Nike App, Here’s Where It’s Available


With little to no fanfare, the Nike React Pegasus Trail 4 launched in the UK and Europe. We rated the Pegasus Trail 3 as one of the best trail running shoes due to its comfort on roads and light trails, and the new version seems designed to deliver the same.

Nike members can order it for £114.95 on the Nike app, and it’s on sale for £115 on Pro:Direct Running (opens in a new tab) and Sport shoes (opens in a new tab). Europeans can also get the latest version of the popular road-trail running shoe at Top 4 running (opens in a new tab)where it costs €129.99.

We’ve yet to see confirmation that the Pegasus Trail 4 is available in the US, but it will likely cost $130 in line with the Pegasus Trail 3, since the UK price is unchanged with the new version.

Some of the most notable features we found when reviewing the Nike Pegasus Trail 3 were the comfortable ride offered by the React midsole and the fact that the outsole was well suited for both road running and to lightweight trail running, making it a versatile option for runners who want a shoe that does both.

He was let down somewhat by the weight of the shoe and the fact that the outsole struggled on wet ground. We don’t yet have information on the weight of the Pegasus Trail 4, but the outsole has a new lug pattern that will hopefully improve the shoe’s grip on the trails without reducing its comfort on the road. .

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 outsole

(Image credit: Sports shoes)

We’ll be reviewing the Nike Pegasus Trail 4 as soon as we can get our hands on a pair. A small mark against the new shoe already is that it is not available in the stunning teal colorway that you might get for the Pegasus Trail 3. The Pegasus Trail 4 colors available now are a light gray and yellow design for men, and “Arctic orange or black models for women.

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