These Nike shoes have Bluetooth, they are no less than any robot, the laces themselves are tied

Technical News Office – Nike recently launched new shoes. It is fully automatic after setup, which you can control with just one app. These shoes have many features that you won’t find in any regular shoe. Such shoes have been designed so far, but Nike has launched such shoes which are nothing less than a robot. Nike released a shoe called the Adapt BB. It is a type of “basketball” shoe. Drawstrings tighten or loosen automatically. The company claims that if you keep these shoes on your feet, they will automatically tighten according to your feet. The company claims that during its manufacture, special care was taken for basketball players. If your feet swell while playing, these shoes will make you feel it.

If you walk a lot and get swollen, it will automatically adjust according to your body’s blood pressure. This means that these shoes will automatically loosen when needed. The advantage is that you don’t have to tighten or loosen the shoes throughout the day. You can fully control these shoes through the app itself. In other words, the shoe will know exactly what you want. The Adapt BB is one such shoe that the company kept in mind when making it. Nike has already launched Nike+ iPod and Nike+ Training. People liked these shoes very much. Now the company hopes people will like it too. At present, the company has not disclosed its launch date in India. Nike fans in India are eagerly awaiting this shoe.


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