WATCH: USA Basketball again hides non-Nike shoes in Olympic team photo


Here is a completely normal photo of Team USA which Nike Basketball and Jordan Brand tweeted Monday:

Nothing weird about it.


Yes, it makes perfect sense for Jimmy Butler to be crouched, turned sideways. And for DeAndre Jordan to be crouched in front of the only other center on the roster. I’m sure the way the shot was framed had nothing to do with hiding Harrison Barnes’ Adidas shoes, Kyle Lowry’s Adidas shoes and Klay Thompson’s Anta shoes.

Just like in 2008, there was nothing strange about Mike Krzyzewski’s foot obscuring Dwight Howard’s Adidas sneakers, when everyone else had their Nike sneakers visible:

Pretty good team.

American basketball

As SB Nation pointed out, Kevin Love was the only member of the 2012 United States Olympic team who was not a Nike or Jordan Brand player, but he actually wore Nike during filming due to a “comfort clause” in his shoe contract. . Of course, that surely has nothing to do with the fact that his shoes were the only ones completely covered in the team photo:

A pretty good team as well.

American basketball

I don’t even know why I shared these old photos, because there is clearly no connection between USA Basketball and Nike. Let’s talk about the big stuff, like Lowry wearing a headband. What’s up with that?


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