You’ll soon be able to use AR on the Nike app to measure your shoe size


Lazy shoppers rejoice! You will soon be able to measure your feet from the comfort of your own home using The Nike app. It’s all thanks to the new Nike Fit, an augmented reality tool that uses a combination of computer vision, science, AI and other cheesy stuff to scan your feet and recommend the right size for your toes.

Nike says industry research shows that 60% of people wear the wrong size shoes. That’s a lot of rubbed heels, bunions, or cramps.

To fix this, AR scanning via Nike is simplicity itself: open a product page in the app, and there’ll be a new option next to the listing to measure your feet.

The app will then open your camera and ask you to stand next to a wall and point your phone at your feet. Once you get the level from your phone, the app measures your feet and the wall to determine the scale. Less than a minute later, you’ll have your recommended sizes for Nike shoes.

The app can tell if one foot is larger than the other, and recommended sizes are based on the individual shoe you opened the feature from. These measurements are then saved to your profile, so you may never have to measure your feet again. If you prefer the retail experience, scanning a QR code in the app will have shoe minions racing to find items in your size.

With my toddler rapidly approaching toddler size, this app is going to be a godsend. I mean, shopping is bad, but shopping with kids is universally terrible. Now I will be able to measure his feet from home and order everything I need on the Internet.

While the AR experience currently only has a limited number of users, Nike is so confident in the test results of the feature that it will become a core part of its Nike app around July this year.

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